Our speaker and panel events typically consist of a…

  • Single presenter with a laptop,
  • A two-person presentation team with a laptop,
  • A moderated panel discussion of several professionals with or without visuals, and/or
  • A moderated interview/panel.

Our Philosophy

There are two goals for every presentation:

  • Provide “Kick the boss’s door down” excitement about something freshly learned, and
  • Teach our audience a practical skill or principle that can be applied immediately.

Presenters should:

  • Provide case studies about UX challenges, problem-solving, and trends;
  • Offer a talk that is narrow and deep as opposed to wide and shallow (you’re preaching to the choir);
  • Offer presentations that are heavy on visuals; and
  • Offer metrics and data to support your story if/when appropriate (although presentations need not be overly quantitative).

Presenters should not:

  • Offer text-only “conference room” presentations which are read to the audience;
  • Include stories or screenshots from confidential projects that are unlikely to be approved for sharing;
  • Actively plug a company’s services as part of the talk. If the presenter’s company is providing space for the talk, promotion of that company’s products and services must be restricted to the opening and/or closing announcements, and to the website; and
  • Rely heavily on video clips.


Microphone capabilities depend on the hosting venue. Some venues offer lapel mikes and others offer hand-held microphones only. Unless you bring your own projector rig, presentations must be on a Mac or PC. There is no restriction on software used to create a presentation (PowerPoint and Keynote are common), however, we do ask that a copy of the presentation be made available for download to our audience (preferably in PDF format) within 2-5 business days.


To ensure the best possible outcome for our presenters and audience, UXPA KC asks to review all presentations 1-2 weeks in advance, in-person or via email.

General Policies

We video and/or photograph events for sharing on social media channels. We require presenters to provide a copy of their slide deck that is safe for audience distribution, preferably via PDF format, which will be posted to our website or other channels once the event concludes.


If you’re interested in presenting, please contact us and include a short abstract of your proposed talk.